Pac-West Rubber Tubing offers high performance, reliability, and quality. Our tubing is utilized in a variety of industries and is custom manufactured using platinum and peroxide curing methods. We offer a wide variety of color options ranging from ultra translucent to custom colors that can be matched to your specifications. Additionally, our tubing is approved by both the FDA and NSF, imparts no odor or taste, and maintains its flexibility even at extreme temperatures ranging from -130°F to 500°F.

Our in-house tooling can accommodate sizes ranging from .02" ID to 2" ID, with wall thicknesses from .02" to .5". Other sizes are also available, along with the option for marking and cutting to length. If you have specific requirements, we will work with you to ensure your requirements are met.

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We also offer a range of various sizes and lengths of our signature Pac-Sil® High Performance Clear Silicone Tubing for sale directly through our online shop. Click below to browse our selection.

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