Products and Services

Silicone Extrusion

At Pac-West Rubber Products, we are the specialists in silicone extrusion, offering top-of-the-line specialty manufacturing services for a wide range of rubber products. With extensive experience and expertise in custom extrusion, we are capable of delivering innovative solutions, including co-extrusions, translucent and colored tubing and cords, and both standard and complex custom profiles. Our capabilities extend to custom rubber compounding and milling, where we can produce virtually any color to match your specific requirements and enhance the performance of your product.

We are proud to offer a wide range of extrusion capabilities, including multiple extrusion lines featuring 2” to 3.5” extruders. Our custom compounding capabilities ensure that we can meet the unique needs of each customer, while our custom precision tooling allows for precise and accurate production of even the most complex designs. In addition, we offer a vast selection of in-house tooling options to choose from, further enhancing our ability to meet a diverse range of customer requirements.

Our in-house tooling can accommodate a wide range of sizes, from .02" ID up to 2" ID, with wall thickness options ranging from .02" to .5". Beyond that, we offer marking and cut-to-length services to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Silicone Tubing

Pac-West Rubber tubing brings you high performance, reliability and quality. Our tubing is widely used across different industries. We custom manufacture platinum and peroxide cured tubing, from ultra translucent to custom colored or color matched to your specifications. Our tubing is FDA and NSF approved, imparts no odor or taste and remains flexible at temperatures from -130°F to 500°.

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Silicone Profiles

As “Silicone Extrusion Specialists”, Pac-West brings extensive experience fabricating custom extruded silicone profiles both standard and complex. Diligence and consistency is paramount in all our manufacturing processes. From your conceptual drawings and conversations to the final product, we provide what you need when you need it to improve your performance and bottom line.

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Molding and Die-Cutting

At Pac-West Rubber Products, we are specialists in the manufacturing of custom-made rubber products that cater to diverse commercial, military and federal applications. Our extensive range of offerings encompasses everything from standard grommets and o-rings to complex custom seals, gaskets, and specialty parts and shapes.

We offer precision die-cutting services for all types of rubber and non-metallic gasket materials, with the capability to handle materials up to 58" wide. Our state-of-the-art die-cutting equipment and expertise ensure that we can create seals, gaskets, washers, and an array of other products to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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